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cloverlawn butterflies

Since time immemorial, butterflies have symbolized renewal and rebirth. They are the symbol of new beginnings, making the colorful winged creatures the perfect harbinger of happiness at weddings. And indeed, butterfly releases are becoming a tradition at a growing number of weddings. If you’re looking for a way to commemorate your joining in a unique and memorable way, imagine the reaction of your guests to a butterfly release at your wedding.

Imagine the shimmer of wings arising from an open box and rising into the air to surround your wedding party. It’s like watching the visual representation of hope and blessings pouring from the box, lifting into the air and alighting, perhaps, on the bride’s shoulder to bestow a symbolic blessing on the ceremony. A wedding butterfly release is a powerfully memorable symbol of hope and good wishes showered on the happy couple. And unlike tossing rice or confetti, a release doesn’t harm the environment or other creatures.

Most companies like cloverlawn butterflies that provide wedding butterflies offer a combination of Monarch butterflies and Painted Lady butterflies, both of which are native throughout North America. Both Monarch and Painted Ladies are brown, black and orange, brightly colored and distinctly patterned. Because Monarch butterflies are larger and hardier, the best companies offer only Monarch butterflies for their wedding release packages.

butterfly release

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